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Cancer Resources

It all started with this email...

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Positive Survival Stories

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Web Links


Dr. Bernie Siegel 's website: ECAP - Exceptional Cancer Patients.



They have plenty of resources, and he also analyses drawings for the patients, which they can send them through his web address. Prayers are very important at this time. It is a blessing to count upon you now. God bless your journey. My warmest regards, Celia L.


You may want to go to www.drday.com She is a cancer survivor and Doctor. She travels the world speaking about cancer.


Have her read and listen to everything by Louise Hay.  www.hayhouse.com


Lance Armstrong Foundation 

http://www.laf.org & www.lancearmstrong.com


Visit  www.credence.org  for best cures for cancer.


Visit www.hacres.com and www.drday.com - both beat cancer.


3-time cancer survivor, including neuroblastoma and breast cancer twice.



These are the experiences of cancer warriors, people who are battling cancer. http://www.cancerwarriors.net/


Stories submitted by people who would like to share their inspirational stories with you.



The Cancer Survivors Network was created by us, for us, and for people like you. http://www.acscsn.org/


We are all cancer survivors, and we have all played the role of caretaker as well. We share our stories to illustrate that there is productive, quality life after a diagnosis of cancer. http://www.cancersurvivors.org/Authors/Authors.htm 

--Blessings, Chelle


This is a link to inspiring stories of breast cancer survivors (with links
to reader stories of survival) that was in ROSIE magazine in October 2001.



My organization is called Choose 2 Live --John Campbell john@choose2live.co.uk   www.choose2live.co.uk


Cancer Anonymous  - http://www.ccsi.com/~decklund/CA/


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Books to Read

Most of these titles should be available at  www.amazon.com 

What changed my life forever was reading Dr. Bernie Siegel's book, "LOVE, MEDICINE and MIRACLES" an absolute MUST for any cancer patient.

Louis Proto"s  "SELF HEALING" and learning Jacquelyn Aldana's method of attracting miracles called, "THE 15 MINUTE MIRACLE"

I do have a book you might want to use.  Bernie Siegel, M.D. is an oncologist who wrote “Peace, Love and Healing”.  I saw him speak a few years ago at McHenry College.  He's helped many patients go into remission with his approach and philosophy.  Best Wishes, Jenny

“Chicken Soup for the Survivors Soul” - I just read a great book last week..."Chicken Soup for the Survivor Soul" and all of the stories were of people who battled cancer and are now survivors.  

A great many of them were about people that were given just weeks to live and are now cancer free 5, 10, and 15 years later.  The stories were unbelievable!!!   Anyway, this would be a great book for your friend to read.  It is absolutely inspirational.  I found it at my local library.  Hope this helps

Cancer: Curing the Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiation by William Donald Kelley

Have her read and listen to everything by Louise Hay.  www.hayhouse.com She is the affirmation Queen who herself was diagnosed with cancer but was only facing surgery but still avoided it with diet and mind set changes.  Also, try Louise Hay's Books – “You can heal your life” and “Heal Your Body”

"Spontaneous Healing" by Andrew Weil.  He is a well-respected medical
doctor who is also well versed in alternative techniques.  His book is
about people with untreatable or usually fatal maladies - mostly cancer -
that recovered against all predictions.

“The Healing Spot” written by Jan Phillip Holland.  His book is about his own healing journey- diagnosed with cancer in 1985.  today he is in excellent health.   He can be contacted at The Healing Dome, Inc.  1913 Upper Brush Valley Road   Center Hall, PA.  
16823   Phone 814-364-9926.  

I can strongly recommend Lance Armstrong's book "It not about the bike". I think he's a great example of how you can overcome cancer and for him it was also a turning point in his life. I believe he has now won 3 Tour de France after being diagnosed with cancer. 

"Women's bodies, women's wisdom". by Christine Northrup, --Being trained as a classical alopatic doctor, she turned to intuitive approach when she herself developed a tumor or cancer,
There's a powerful book, called “Meditation as Medicine”, by Dharma Singh Khalsa, that you may find includes a ton of good stories that apply to this area.

"The Journey" by Brandon Bays who beat her tumour.

'Sanctuary' by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson

Why we are still DYING to know the TRUTH' by Philip Day

“God's Way to Ultimate Health : A Common Sense Guide for Elimination of Sickness Through Nutrition" by George H. Malkmus and Michael Dye. 

Please if you find any others that should be posted here please email me.

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Positive Survival Stories


I have had breast cancer.  I was really lucky as I am now fine and I would like to offer my support. –Jan, Auckland, New Zealand


Hope is Key to Survival


My good friend and co-worker was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer approximately 10 years ago.  She was advised to get her things in order and was devastated as she was actually being worked up for pregnancy when they found the cancer.  She had a little boy who was 5 at the time. 


She had a complete hysterectomy, omenectomy.  Underwent chemo and was opened up 3 times for staging.  The last time they closed her up and told her she had sand like granules and they decided to blast her with massive radiation. 


She is a beautiful story of survival.  In addition to treatment, she used holistic medication and our Lord God....she is an inspiration to all and quite frankly one of the most beautiful people I know. 


When diagnosed she immediately got a different oncologist, one who gave her hope..this is the key. Do not stay with a Doctor that gives no hope...no one except the man upstairs knows when your number is up.  


I am a RN and fortunate to work for a Doctor who is frequently asked how much time do I have, he always tells them I am not God, only he knows that.  Hope is key to survival.  --Merlyn 

There is always hope! 

I first had cancer in 1977, breast with mastectomy with 18 months of chemo...Next in 1988 a second breast cancer with mastectomy with 6 months of chemo...Next surgery for Melanoma on my leg in 1990 1991 the Melanoma took a trip through my body, that's when the Dr. told me to get my things in order.

My grandson was due to be born in July, this was all happening in Oct. and on...6 months was my lifespan projected by the Dr.....so, I went on a search for specialist and was very fortunate to find one at Yale, he prescribed a very intense 6 months of chemo, three days at a time each month. 

He warned me that I would be very sick, feeling like death was at the door but also, in the same breath, was very encouraging and positive that I could make it with my history of winning!!  He was a real blessing in my life. 

At the end of that chemo there was more surgery and then I was urged to go into a trial.  His words were, it won't hurt you and could be the miracle I was looking for.  It has now been nearly 11 years and I am in excellent health.

There is always hope!  My church, family, Cursillo community, cancer support groups, school community, friends, etc. all prayed and were a wonderful support system.  I knew the battle would be won.  Today, I wake every morning praising God for a new day...rain,shine, sleet, snow....it is all beautiful.

A wonderful story.


A friend of my husbands, a music producer for movies, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was expected to live for no longer that 6 months.

He decided that he just didn’t want to "go" that soon! And decided to take a good look at his life, his body, his lifestyle and diet.


Every morning, he’d be sitting in his car for about 1 hour or 1½ hour, commuting into LA to work. He’d have breakfast on-the-way: black coffee and a donut or two...for example. Totally unhealthy breakfast without any presence to the breakfast he was taking in either...Everything he ate was a mixture of junk food of greasy fatty foods, washed down with various sodas of beer. Not much intake of straight pure water at all. He also smoked.


Well, this man saw a Macrobiotic counselor in LA. And she gave him a food-regimen to follow after having diagnosed him in the far-eastern way of reading a persons health and needs.


He did this - changed his diet and way of living dramatically. Embraced life, spent more time with his children (NOT just playing computer games of watched movies with them) and the tumor began to shrink AND shrink.


The doctors said it was impossible what was happening. Couldn’t understand it. The tumor fully disappeared within a year and the friend still lives! And now he REALLY lives.


With much love and best wishes always, Catharina H., Sweden


Positively Rita


I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year, however, it wasn't terminal or that serious.  I had the surgery and after 1 treatment of chemo said no more of that - that stuff I thought was very nasty.  I then had radiation. 

I am a very spiritual (but not religious) person.  So part of the way I deal with life in general is I believe that everything happens for a reason and that we are here to "experience".  Experience what happens to us - both what we label good and what we label bad.  While I would not consciously want to experience cancer I knew there was a reason why I was. 


Some of the positives that came out of it was re-connecting with my sister who took care of me after the surgery, meeting a couple of new women who are now dear friends, being able to understand and empathize with others who have had similar experiences - before this I had never had a serious illness. 

If your friend is truly terminal you may want to pass this on to her/him at the appropriate time.  The word death is an acronym for
Departing Earth And Traveling Home.  It sure changes the nature of that word - doesn't it.  Good luck. 

In February I still wasn't feeling anywhere near 100% and that was not acceptable to me any more so I went to a holistic doctor who has made me sparkle.  His name is Thaddeus Hyde in Austin on Spicewood Springs near Mesa - It's called the Light Center of Texas and his number is 349-9901.  He has treated cancer patients and other very ill patients and it works best if you are open to alternatives as it appears your friend may be. 

My nickname is Positively Rita and I would be happy to talk to your friend if she/he would like to.  --Rita



Nancy’s Story


My name is Nancy, IM 8 year cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with lung cancer August 4th 1994 on August 8, 1994 I went and had my right lower lung removed.


I didn't wait to find out what kind of cancer it was   2 months after the surgery I went on chemo for 4 months. I  had oatcell cancer and had I  not found it and had the surgery I would not have lasted a month.


I was truly blessed that it was found early my daughter is the office manager of the Drs. office and I had gone in for what they call trigger finger and she made me take a chest x ray.


I wasn't sick or experiencing any symptoms although I did smoke 3 packs a day and cough a lot  (which i thought was normal)  we live in such denial.


Never give up hope make sure you go to a nutritionist  because your immune system is the key to keep you strength, stay positive as possible and I prayed a lot.


Today I have helped start a chronic illness meeting using the twelve steps and twelve traditions of AA. I will send you a site I found on the INTERNET. God bless and I hoped I have helped a little. Nancy A.  

Cancer Anonymous  - http://www.ccsi.com/~decklund/CA/


My Grandmother’s Story


My grandmother was diagnosed as having an inoperable  uterus cervical cancer at age 55 ...even so, they tried radiotherapy...she died when she  was 96 y.o :)


She lived 41 fantastic years after diagnosis and  only died  because she broke her femur and developed  pneumonia. Cancer didn't kill her:)


My Mum’s Story


My Mum lived with cancer for 21 years. She recently passed away, but she left her family and friends a wonderful legacy of positive living and courage.
In 1986 Mum found a proverb by AJ Cronin in the English Womans Weekly while recuperating in hospital from her first hip replacement (due to boney
metastases). Mum wrote in down on a piece of paper for me to keep, saying it summarised how she lived each day...
Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow It only saps today of its strength. (AJ Cronin)
Have also just begun a book "The Journey" by Brandon Bays who beat her
tumour.  Love and best wishes to you and your friend. Kind Regards, Alison B.




My co-worker survived 2 cancers ( breast and Cervice ) attacks. she is completely healed and bouncing well.  The 1st attack was in 1998 for Breast and in the fall of 1999 ,cervical cancer. She has been back to work since July 2000, and doing very, very well.

Unless she tell you, you can never guess. Several people prayed for her. I wrote her name on my church bulletin requesting for a miracle. God answered our prayers.


God is still the same today, doing the healings, and he will touch your friend's body and she will be completely healed.  I pray that the healing power of Jesus will come upon her and she will be well. All testimonies and glory will go to God, who is able to do abundantly more than what we can imagine. I will keep her in my prayers. She should also pray and commit everything into God's hands. --Stella



Life is but a Dream


Remember just one thing, " life is but a dream " the only problem is that when we find ourselves in it we don't realize it !  Truth is , and all the rest is just added to it !


The pure water is already in the polluted lake, take away the added ingredient's and your back to the source !  We are the source, and everything we see hear and believe in this world are just added to it !


We all have cancer in the sense that we all carry to much mental weight on our shoulder's, and even thought we are weakened by the weight of it all, we just keep on adding more by the minute.


 The weight is our past witch mean's we can't change the road that brought us to our present situation, but as a lake becomes calm again after we stop throwing stones in it so shall it be with our heart's, this is not a promise but a law !


 I honestly believe in my heart that no matter what the challenge's life put's on our road, and I mean any challenge, we have the possibility to  come out  as the victorious soul's that we truly are ,  and the proof is that there is no disease on earth that someone somewhere at some point has not overcome at one time are another ! 


"Letting go" is the key, let go of all that mental weight, we can't fix tomorrow by getting advice from what put us in the bad situation in the first place. Letting go is the faith that can move mountain's !


Don’t look for help on the outside, for these things are just added, the source is within. In this dream we are what we truly believe in our heart of heart's, so let's be careful about what and who we believe ?


I am, and everything else is added ! --You're friend Jean C.



“It’s not about the bike” – The Lance Armstrong story!


Here's a bit of an article about Lance Armstrong. I don't know if you've heard of him or not but he was the number one cyclist in the world when he found out he had cancer. 


I got this bit of information from his website www.lancearmstrong.com. I hope this helps.

Lance roared into 1996 as the number one ranked cyclist in the world. He recaptured his success at the Tour Du Pont (the first person to do so), was the first American to win the traditional Belgian spring classic Fleche Wallone, and competed as a member of the U.S. cycling team in the Atlanta summer Olympic games.


He then signed a lucrative two-year contract with the French Cofidis racing team and moved into a spectacular home that took two years to plan and build in an exclusive sub-division of Austin. Affectionately named "Casa Linda" in honor of his mother, the Mediterranean-style home became his new address when Lance was just four months shy of his 25th birthday - an age when few men achieve such status and recognition, and even fewer are faced with their own mortality...

The man who had been featured in attention grabbing headlines such as "Du Pont Dominator" and "The Golden Boy of American Cycling," was literally forced off his bike in excruciating pain in October of 1996. Tests revealed advanced testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and his brain.


A press conference held on October 9th announced the stunning news to the world. This athletic and vibrant young man would be operated on twice in the ensuing weeks - once to remove the malignant testicle, and then dramatic brain surgery to remove the cancer that had spread upward.


Chances for his recovery were far less than 50/50 as a frightened-but-determined Lance began an aggressive form of chemotherapy. At the time still in its proving stages, this "cocktail" of chemicals (called "VIP" - Ifosfamide, Etoposide, and Platinol) gave him the chance for a full recovery with far less danger of losing lung capacity as a side effect.


While it weakened him well beyond anything he had ever experienced, he had a deep well of reserves and the unconditional support of family and friends. Remarkably, the chemotherapy began to work and Lance gradually allowed his thoughts to return to racing. He began riding and training only five months after his diagnosis, still uncertain of his future in the sport, but a profoundly grateful and resolute man.http://www.laf.org

Cancer left him scarred physically and emotionally, but he now maintains it was an unexpected gift; a viewpoint that is shared by many cancer survivors. Getting cancer was "...the best thing that ever happened to me," Lance said, in relation to the maturity and life focus the disease forced him to face.


Throughout this life threatening ordeal, Lance knew his priorities were changing. His physical well being, something that had never been challenged, was suddenly fragile.


He was given the chance to fully appreciate the blessings of good health, a loving family, and close friends. Lance described his bout with cancer as "a special wake-up call."


He heeded the call to activism by becoming a spokesperson for testicular and other forms of cancer and formed the Lance Armstrong Foundation http://www.laf.org within months of his diagnosis.


This international, non-profit Foundation was established initially to benefit cancer research and promote urologic cancer awareness and the importance of early detection. Its focus now is on being the world leader in the concept of "Cancer Survivorship" - helping people manage and survive cancer.


Lance has etched his name into cycling history by wining the Tour de France an unbelievable 3 times but he would tell you that beating cancer was his biggest achievement. For more…http://www.lancearmstrong.com  ---John J.



Steve’s Story


Isn't it wonderful how we get the right messages at the right times. I am not the actual subject but I will tell you this story. We have a cleaning man who has cleaned for my wife and I for 9 years. A year ago he was diagnosed with terminal lung and throat cancer and told that he had 6 months to live. He was offered chemotherapy by the doctors. He was terribly down and devastated.


I have been working in the field of alternative healing for some time and had been led to a number of informations which were, frankly, blowing my mind. I told him that the first thing to do was to run as far as possible and as fast as possible from ANYONE who told him he was going to die as NO-ONE has the right to play God!


I suggested that he decline all chemotherapy and enrol on a program called A.I.M. which is a spiritual practice described in a book called 'Sanctuary' by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson. A truly remarkable book, written as a novel (only because of the power of the medical profession in USA would oppose it if it was written as a biography) but it is a TRUE story!


I then recommended that he start a course of nutritional adjustment by taking a course of B17 tablets and apricot kernels which are rich in B17 as described in an amazing book called 'Cancer - Why we are still DYING to know the TRUTH' by Philip Day. By the way Philip Day was run out of the States and ridiculed by the medical profession over there.


Anyway, this cleaner friend, Steve is his name, started to listen and we suggested that he came and lodged with us in our home as his environment was not great. He was living with a very angry and alcoholic daughter. So he moved in with us and started his AIM program and started his course of B17 and Apricot kernels and taking other nutritional things like Maximol.


Within 6 weeks he was looking and feeling a lot better. I then encouraged him to start examining his resentments that he had been carrying for many, many years and we worked together on his emotional issues.


He attended 'The Journey' process and I gave him lots of visualizations to carry out. 6 months after he was diagnosed he went for a check up and the doctor could not understand what had happened. He told Steve that he was 'confused' at his improvement. He told him that his muscle tissue had re-generated and that he did not understand anything he was doing but to keep doing it.


Last week Steve went for the first time to compare his old X Ray photos. His new X Ray photos showed a small , tiny blur where before there had been a clear large patch at each point where the cancer sat. The doctor was a different doctor but came up with the same attitude. He told Steve that the cancer was virtually gone and that he doesn't need to see him for another 6 months.


Steve is living a full and enjoyable life. He is full of gratitude and joy at his new lease of life. Interestingly none of the medical profession have shown any interest in learning what Steve has been doing.


I found an interesting statistic a few months ago. Last year the pharmaceutical companies earned 124 billion US Dollars from the sale of drugs! Chemotherapy is one of the biggest earners!


I lecture on this subject and am always looking for places to take this message and make the public more aware. My organization is called Choose 2 Live and I urge you Joan, to encourage your friend to make that choice and ignore anyone who tells them that they will die. God Bless you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. --John Campbell john@choose2live.co.uk  www.choose2live.co.uk 


Giggi’s Story


Hi, My name is Giggi, from Israel, and more important than my personal story, I have acquired very useful knowledge & practices which I learned from these sources. I wish you Love, Health and Happiness, in your path, and hope this information will be useful. GOOD LUCK!!!!


I am undergoing chemotherapy for the 2nd time.  2 & a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had the lump removed & had chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, plus had my ovaries removed since I had estrogen recepters and was put on Tomoxifen. I felt covered from head to toe, & figured that I had at least a good 10 yrs. even if it DID come back.

A yr. & a half later I had metestatic tumors in my lung.  I went through tramatic surgery, and am on my 2nd round of chemotharapy. The difference this time is my participation in my healing, which I had left up to the Drs. the first time.


What changed my life forever was reading Dr. Bernie Siegel's book, "LOVE, MEDICINE and MIRACLES"  an absolute MUST for any cancer patient. It also comes in audio tapes. He talks about the importance in making a change in your life in order to change the favorable conditions that the cancer is growing in, and the quality of life in general, the power of belief, being at peace with one's self and dying when ready, since this is an inevitable part of all life. This book is an important first stepping stone to discovering the powers of self healing.

One more wonderful method is Jacquelyn Aldana's method of almost immediately attracting real miracles called, "THE 15 MINUTE MIRACLE" Strongly suggested!!!!


Very powerful , easy to use, takes only about 15 min. a day, (thus it's name) and saved the author's husband from terminal cancer when diagnosed that he only had a short time. Call the toll free number: 1-(888)- IN THE FLOW   (that's 1-888-468-4335)  I suggest you do that today!


2 other very useful books are, Louis Proto"s  "SELF HEALING" ,which gives actual excersizes in self healing and very usable information & instructions in detoxification, meditaion, imagery, all of which are used by the cancer survivors that have miraculously healed themselves. 


Louise Hay's book "HEAL YOUR BODY"  acts like a road map to realizing where and how you need to heal your body, describing the connections between physical ailments and their emotional causes.


.I have changed my life, and can actually say that my life is better now than it ever has been. Maybe more correct to say, I am a better person than I ever have been. And even tho I haven’t finished my present treatment, I am confident that this time, my body and spirit have changed so that there are no favorable conditions for cancer here.


GOOD LUCK!!!!  (start today by trying to release the anger and resentment deep inside. This is what turns into cancer & eats us from with in! Express your feelings, the bad as well as the good. I call it emotional spring cleaning.)   With Love, Giggi H.



My Uncle Thomas


My Uncle Thomas has been a chronic alcoholic for 20 years and has almost died on a couple of occasions from alcohol related accidents, as you can imagine he always looked drawn and terrible. He lost his wife in 1996 to suicide and at around the same time his daughter was diagnosed with hydrosephalitis. He was diagnosed with leukemia in the summer of 1997 . 


He was given two weeks to live.

We have a large Irish Catholic family, and obviously everyone visited Thomas whilst in hospital to say goodbye. However, somehow, he started to fight the cancer and almost 6 years later it is completely in remission. 


He now looks after his daughter, my cousin, has passed his driving test which he could never do because he was always drunk, and he hasn't had a drink since before the cancer. 


No-one can believe what happened, not even the doctors. At 42 years of age he has never looked better.




Two more who won the fight!

Visit www.hacres.com and www.drday.com - both individuals who beat cancer in the advanced stages by strict diet and the theory that chemo and radiation only deplete the immune system and should not be accepted because that is all doctors have to offer. 


One gentlemen had colon cancer and Dr. Lorraine Day had advanced stage breast cancer.  I had my godmother order her videotapes when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she opted for surgery to remove the tumor, but rebuilding her immune system with healthy foods.  She's in great health today - that happened two years ago.  And all the doctors offered her was a series of chemo and radiation. 


When she questioned the doctors to tell her what percentage of their patients who went with chemo and radiation survived, they couldn't tell her.  She told me how persistent they were and when she would talk about natural healthy alternatives, the doctors were insulted and told her she was crazy. 


But none of them could give her a guarantee that the chemo and radiation would work.  Not to mention you are putting poisons into your body - how can your body regroup when you're poisoning it.



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Remedies/Healing Resources


Dr. Zhao


There is a very famous Chinese Acupuncture Dr. in Eureka, CA, three hours from here, that has healed so many cancer patients that have been given up too.  There is an airport there, and those patients that are so weak and unable to be in a motel, are treated with his herbs and acupuncture, and pressure, in the local hospital! 


My friend has documented over 25 cases of his healings, in two years, with just her family, and their friends. 


Dr. Zhao is his name, phone 541-469-2778 no next message.  He speaks very little Eng. He just wants to know what day you are coming and time.  That is it. Really.  Nancy P.

Thaddeus Hyde


Thaddeus Hyde  a Holistic doctor who has made me sparkle.  He is located in Austin, TX It's called the Light Center of Texas and his number is 349-9901.  He has treated cancer patients and other very ill patients and it works best if you are open to alternatives, as it appears your friend may be. 


Hope House


You should give Hope House in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada a call.  They are run by cancer survivors.  Moira, the Executive Director, I believe, was diagnosed with liver cancer over 10 years ago.  She was still there last spring when I called for some assistance.  The area code for Vancouver, B.C. is 604 and Hope House’s number starts with 73, I think.  Good Luck!


Gentle Wind Project


I suggest you check out www.gentlewindproject.org , a co-founder of this healing project has a brother who reached the several millions to one against still being here level, with an allegedly terminal cancer, by using the healing instruments developed by the project.





One more wonderful method is Jacquelyn Aldana's method of almost immediately attracting real miracles called, "THE 15 MINUTE MIRACLE" . Strongly suggested!!!!


Very powerful, easy to use, takes only about 15 min. a day, (thus it's name) and saved the author's husband from terminal cancer when diagnosed that he only had a short time. Call the toll free number: 1-(888)- IN THE FLOW   (that's 1-888-468-4335)  I suggest you do that today!




Check out Dr. Sebi at The USHA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INC., His herbs have been known top cure cancer. Even the Supreme Court agrees with him!  http://www.sebithehealer.com/index.htm

Dr. Lorraine Day


Dr. Lorraine Day cured hers with gallons of carrot juice fresh squeezed. She has a web site & lots of info. Cleansing & detoxify the body while building with as much fresh juiced organics as you can stomach is common sense. 


I beat it but wasn't that far gone. I worked to clear my emotional body while also doing spiritual work. Salt/soda baths are good. The emotion of love creates a wave form that heals all. To get to love forgiveness of others & the hardest forgiveness of self is key. Good luck,

Theresa Marie 


Tahitian Noni juice


My wife Susan and I have used Tahitian Noni juice in our clinic for years and have seen remarkable results with cancer patients. There are several studies on Noni and its effects on cancer and it has been presented numerous times at National Cancer Meetings for physicians. 


I would highly recommend the juice to your friend. If she is interested email me at Jmikemd@aol.com or call 561-625-6590. ---John Mike, MD


'Essiac' Tea


Try and get this 'Essiac' Tea.  This Canadian (I think) nurse found a
combination of herbs that treats many illnesses but has been particularly
successful with cancer.  There is a whole story about this, I wish I remember all now.  


But if you ask for this in a health food shop, I am sure they can help you.  I recently bought a pack.  If you can't find it I will be delighted to give it to your friend.


Organic Supplements


We have dealt with a person with severe colon cancer that was not responsive to chemotherapy.  She was not expected to live long.  Since the GI health is key to our immune health and ability to heal, our organic supplements that give support to the GI system and feed the body have done wonders for many people who were very very ill. 


She is doing very well after a year and some months and was dramatically better the first month she started the products.  She could talk to anyone on the phone and we could give more info to someone if they wanted to hear more.  Doral Clark , RN., PhD.



God's Way to Ultimate Health


My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 15 years ago, and by the time they found it, it had advanced pretty far.  Through surgery and radiation treatments
she was able to beat it for a while.  Seven years ago cancer showed up on her spine, and the doctors were able to treat it with radiation. 


Last fall she again had tumors on her spine.  She has received more radiation (all that she will be able to get), but has refused chemo.  She has been exercising reguarly, keeping a positive attitude (very important in treatment), and trying what most consider a "radical" diet. 


She found a book, "God's Way to Ultimate Health : A Common Sense Guide for Elimination of Sickness Through Nutrition" by George H. Malkmus and Michael Dye. http://www.amazon.com

It basically calls for a meatless diet with an emphasis on whole grains and foods.  My Mom has been feeling better overall, and although the tumors have not gotten any smaller, they also have not grown.  


We still pray for her daily, and know that God will take care of her.  If your friend is open to new ideas, hopefully this will help.  Besides, eating more healthfully can't be bad for you, right?


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It all started with the following email…


“Hello,  I am searching for stories about people who were diagnosed with terminal cancer, given a few months to live, who are alive and well after many years. My dear, dear friend has just been given such a diagnosis.


She does not use a computer. I will print and mail to her. She is a very good candidate for a miracle, because she is a positive person and open to alternatives. Thanks very much, Joan T”.


I sent the above message out to my Positive News subscribers with the message “Please help if you can”  and the responses have been amazing!


I want to thank everyone who replied with a suggestion, story or resource. Here is the special section I promised to host this information for all to use.  Cancer has affected many, many lives around me from my Grandfather, Dad, Uncle, Best Friend, his brother and others now I feel so much better equipped to help them.


The Cancer Resources – listed below are web sites, books, inspirational stories and healing resources for cancer patients and their friends and family. I must say that I cannot make any recommendations or validate any of this information.


You are responsible for whatever you choose to learn, use, believe or distrust. Please use care and common sense when utilizing this information. I wish all of you health, happiness and love. Stay Positive!


To Your Health,



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Please if you find any additional resources pass them on and I will update this compilation to include the new information. --Dave



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